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Side Boards/Plasma tv lowboys/Buffets

Java Frontside/ Backside Counter

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our price   $999.00

Dimensions: 120Wx70Dx100H
Code: JVAJUN16AR01
A new line arriving end of June 2016, we have designed a Counter or kitchen island buffet with two doors on the front and two sliding doors at the rear. This piece would be perfect for shop or boutique counter. We have created this in our Java work shops from fully salvaged and recycled hard wood timbers, teak, iron wood, bink ray etc sourced from old fishing boats. ARRIVING END JUNE 2016, Please choose colour from colour options below. We can ship to many parts of Australia. Sale price ex store


The hand carved doors are actually Indian influenced and give a lovely rustic ancient feel to this piece, would definitely please the #gypset stores.

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