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Doors and Gates

Mawar Old Indian Doorway

(RRP: $7995)

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our price   $3995.00

Dimensions: 210Hx145W cm approx
Code: VIJ1721
A stunning old Indian doorway to use as a large Indian entrance door...if you are restoring your home or building a new home from scratch, and want the ancient look of an architectural iconic feature piece, this doorway could be the piece for your dream. We can ship it to many parts of Australia, so please enquire about a special price including shipping to your home. Sale price is ex store.


Indian restoration doors are getting harder and harder to source in India, and we are fortunate to have found this set. Classic styling, reminiscent of ancient Indian  arches, dating back as far as Alexander. The front door of a home, restaurant, yoga school, spa or retreat, should be a signature of those that dwell, work or pray within. How many amazing souls have already walked beneath this doorway arch, and how many will in its new home...doors are not fixed to the frame for ease of shipping, but installation on site will be a simple enough process for a builder with love of his craft.

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