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Doors and Gates

Boranada Indian Doors Set

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our price   $1495.00

Dimensions: 200HX110WCMS approx
Code: GAV16071
Jodhpur old Indian doors pair, which would be perfect for entrance gates under cover or not,...these doors will age aesthetically and create a striking and unique entrance. These doors are also being used extensively as wall decor in living areas as well as exotic bedheads for those that love the rustic, salvaged recycled look..
WE HAVE PUT SOME PICS HERE TO SHOW THESE KINDS OF DOORS IN USE...Check out some PREVIOUS doors set up as a garden wall feature below. (NOT CURRENT STOCK)
We can ship them to most parts of Australia. Special price ex our showroom.


These old Indian doors, weathered with the elements of sun, wind and rain, will become family treasures as they reflect a timelessness which transcends our modern lives and creates a unique ambience to be cherished.

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