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Carved Java Teak Mirror 80x60cm

(RRP: $799)

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Dimensions: 60x80 cms
Code: JANOV14AR18
Classic carved Java mirror using salvaged recycled teak. Ideal for bathroom and bedroom vanities as well as hallways and just about anywhere else one needs to look at oneself. Combines beautifully with most of our Java recycled timber furniture. ..we can ship to most parts of Australia. Choose colour preference from options box of May 2016 available in teak erosion,white and whitewashed.


We choose to make these from salvaged old teak as it gives more stability to the timbers in bathroom use especially. Not only that, it adds a lot of character to the piece, and gives a lot of comfort to our clients knowing that this furniture is ecologically endangered species are knowingly harmed in the making of our products, and we have cancelled orders from suppliers who couldn't give us the kind of guarantees which we need. We have a variety of sizes in these mirrors, all designed to go with our vanities and basins. Check out the other sizes in this category...they all have codes JANOV14AR.

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