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BEDS/bed heads

Java Queensize Bed Teak

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our price   $2495.00

Dimensions: 225Lx175W x137H cms
Code: JAJAN1601
Fit for a Sultan, this exquisitely hand carved queen size Bali bed is totally made from recycled and salvaged hardwoods. Mostly teak, these timbers are sourced from old buildings, disused ox carts, old fishing boats and old bridges etc. They are eroded of any paints etc and then finished with natural stains and whitewashed etc. Finally sealed with shellack, the beds come in knocked down form and can be shipped to many parts of Australia. Matching bedsides pairs are available to purchase separately. See this site under bedsides. Available in natural eroded teak .


This exquisite Bali teak bed will evoke the sounds of the tropical nocturnal symphony..frogs, cicadas, and the distant ring of gamelan bells. As Balinese in style as Eat Pray Love with detailed floral carving by master artisans in our Java workshops. This is island style bedroom furniture at its finest, and fully sustainable..fully recycled, so we can all sleep soundly at night.

0 out of 5 stars (1)
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    I am an interior designer in NYC. Is it possible to ship here?

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