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Kargahi 2.20m2

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Dimensions: 120X180cm approx
Code: KG7AG65
These stunning rugs come from the mountain regions on the Afghan/Pakistan border, where the people come from strong Uzbek and Turkmen origins. They also have a lot of influence from the Kazakhs with the old Caucasian style of rugs being seen here. Geometric patterns and polygons with arabesque embellishments all lead to a unique and exotic style of tribal rug, only found in this region. All the colours are vegetable dyes and rely on locally available materials such as turmeric, madder root, onion skins, indigo, bark and leaves, and some crushed minerals. Wool is locally grown and is hand spun leaving a vibrant "silence" in the rug which with the natural lanolin working as a preservative for the wool for decades. CHOOSE RUG FROM OPTIONS BOX BELOW.


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