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Khargahi 3m2

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Dimensions: 200x160cm
Code: KG7AG129
These highly sought after tribal rugs are famous for their Hachli designs which are intricately woven patterns and are presented within their culture as wedding rugs. We pack and send world wide.
Khargahi is a village in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan..these rugs are based on geometric and Arabesque patterns (the dancing of the flowers). The wool is hand spun giving a fine "silkience" and allowing the dense knotting and high definition in the designs. All the dyes are produced locally from whatever vegetation is available to the weavers, using methods going back hundreds if not thousands of years. Apricots, onion skins, turmeric, madder root, indigo etc are all brewed to make long lasting dyes producing differing shades of greens, yellows, rusts, creams, burnt orange and other earthy tones.


Most of the vegetable dyes take months to brew and therefore have a greater resistance to lightening than commercially produced carpets from Iran etc. The people are Uzbek Turkoman and their designs reflect their long cultural history as well as the strong influences from Kazak and Caucasian traditions.

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