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Senuk Bambu Style Daybed Whitewash

(RRP: $3495)

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our price   $1995.00

Dimensions: 210x100x105cm
Code: JAVXM1738WW
NEW STOCK ARRIVING JAN 2018 .The one coming is the pic XM17/38ww the other pics are generic pics to show mattress etc...Hand carved whitewashed From mostly old teak.salvaged from disused fishing boats and ox carts, demolished homes, bridges and railways etc..beautifully hand finished and hand carved...knocks down for delivery and easily assembled. This is a generic fitted mattress included. We ship Australia wide..our sale price is ex store


Exquisite carved Day bed from Java, hand crafted from recycled teak, salvaged from old fishing boats, demolished buildings, railways, ox carts etc..A Bali daybed is the extreme relaxation vehicle, just add chai and a good book or magazine..or better still throw a hat over your head and enjoy that day time snooze you could only dream'll need a bell to ring for service (good luck with that)....comes with free fitted quality mattress Arrives JAN 2018...CAN BE SHIPPED AUSTRALIA WIDE

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