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Afghan Chobi Kilims Just Arrived

Afghan Chobi kilims are beautiful, richly textured flat woven rugs, all hand crafted from Ghazni wool and are vegetable dyed kilims. Afghan kilims are renowned world wide for being hard wearing flat woven rugs, with brilliant colours unique to the region.

Chobi kilims are hand made using beautiful soft vegetable dyes, made from apricots, mulberries, onion skins, olives, tumeric, madder root, indigo and natural vegetable and mineral colours sourced in the region. These kilims or keelims are made using hand spun wools, harvested from the hardy mountain sheep around the Ghazni region of Afghanistan. These tribal rugs, or Afghan village rugs, come from the Afghanistan/Uzbekistan border region and are produced by the Afghani Uzbek families living there....they are a true village craft with production of all the materials within the villages themselves. Vegetable dyed rugs have natural pleasing variations in colour as the wool batches may differ slightly. For the rug connoisseur this is an attractive element of vegetable dyed tribal rugs. 

These Afghani kilims, or gilims literally, are exquisite additions for any interior design project. They are for the interior decorator, floor coverings with a difference, given the global style of rug; and may be placed as an inexpensive oriental rug into any design situation be it modern apartment decor as a one-off, or to blend into a more traditional home decor. They will complement Persian carpets, large tribal rugs, Balouch saddle bags and donkey bags, Afghani tribal pillows and cushions and just about any other Indian rug or tribal rugs around the marketplace. These are an inexpensive option to add that splash of colour to kitchen, bedroom, living room or dining area. To clean them, they need only be taken outside and given a good beating.

Even for collectors of Persian rugs and Persian carpets, these Afghan kills make a colourful and beautiful less costly add-on. Check out our newest arrivals of Afghan Chobi kilims on our website under Tribal Rugs and Persian Carpets.

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