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Afghan Chobi Kilims

We have just landed a new shipment of Afghan Chobi Kilims..These are beautiful richly textured kilims all handcrafted from Gazni wool and are vegetable dyed kilims. Afghan kilims are reknowned worldwide for being hard wearing flat woven rugs, with brilliant colours unique to the region. Afgan Chobi kilims are made using beautiful soft vegetable dyes made from apricots, mulberries, onion skins, olives, tumeric, madder root, indigo etc and are made using locally produced hand spun wool.Afghan Chobi kilims come from the Afghanistan Uzbekistan border region..exquisite pieces from our families there, a true village craft. Afghan Chobi kilims are sold at a reasonable price on our website and we can offer free delivery for Afghan Chobi kilims. We can supply Afghan Chobi kilims in Sydney, Afghan Chobi kilims in Melbourne, Afghan Chobi kilims in Adelaide, Afghan Chobi kilims in Perth, Afghan Chobi kilims in Brisbane, Afghan Chobi kilims in Hobart, Afghan Chobi kilims in Cairns, Afghan Chobi kilims in Darwin, Afghan Chobi kilims on the Gold Coast: with free shipping and free delivery of Afghan Chobi kilims. So for wholesale Afghan kilims and wholesale Chobi kilims enquire on our website or call our contact numbers for a huge selection and choice of kilims. For exquisite additions for interior design and interior decor, floor coverings with a difference, cheap oriental carpets for any design situation you could check out our huge range of Tribal Rugs and Afghan kilims, Afghan Tribal donkey bags, and Afghan Tribal pillows which have just arrived in our new shipments. Even for collectors of Persian carpets and Persian rugs these kilims make a beautiful add on for surrounding areas in design situations. Interior designers can call us for a free quote on Afghan tribal kilims, Chobi kilims, Tribal rugs in Australia and worldwide, as we offer free shipping of Tribal rugs and Persian rugs worldwide. Look on our site now under kilims.