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Afghan Kilims Add Warmth And Colour At The Right Price

Afghan Chobi Kilims are beautiful richly textured kilims, all handcrafted from Gazni wool and are vegetable dyed kilims. Afghan kilims are renowned worldwide for being hard wearing flat woven rugs, with brilliant colours unique to the region.

Chobi kilims, geelims or keelims, are made using beautiful soft vegetable dyes created by months long brewing of  apricots, mulberries, onion skins, olives, tumeric, madder root, indigo etc and are made using locally produced hand spun wool.Women have been spinning locally grown yarns in this region for centuries.

Chobivkilims come from the Afghanistan Uzbekistan border region - exquisite pieces from families there, a true village craft.

The tough mountain sheep of western provinces of Afghanistan around Ghazni provide fine wool fibres which are patiently hand spun and painstakingly dyed with blended vegetable brews derived from native plants. These fibres are then woven in age old traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation of Afgani tribal rug weavers, to bring to our modern world, a masterpiece from the disappearing world of hand crafted beauty.

Another type of kilim which we feature are from the Maimena region of central Afghanistan...These are known as Uzbek kilims as they are made by the Afghan Uzbeks who settled in the region decades ago and created a thriving flat woven rug industry, which has sustained them ever since. Uzbek kilims are typically woven with lots of reds, oranges, indigo blue, and black and feature geometric patters and guls, wave like patterns which create a border for the central pattern. The finer Uzbek kilims or Maimena kilims are known as Gulmori kilims.

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Even for collectors of Persian carpets and Persian rugs these kilims make a beautiful add-on and will always have a use even as they get older. I have a beautiful large kilim which I take out as a picnic blanket or to the beach when a group of us are going.