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Bali Style Bathroom

A beautiful aspect of our tropical lifestyle is the introduction of an Eastern feel or style in interior design, and the extension of that in our decor of a Balinese style in furniture and home design. In fulfilling our desires to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle we are incorporating Bali style in our bathrooms using  Bali stone sinks and rustic timber vanities. We have added to our range a good supply of Bali stone sinks, flint stone basins, granite stone sink, granite stone basin, marble sink, marble basins and marble bowls. a great way to create an impact for your bathroom, outdoor shower, poolside shower area, or even retaurant bathroom is the introduction of a Bali stone basin, Bali stone sink, Bali granite basin, Bali granite sink, Bali bathroom sink, Bali bathroom basin...and set it upon a Bali recycled teak vanity, or even a Java recycled timber sideboard. A Bali whitewashed timber vanity is a wonderful effect using a rustic Bali bathroom basin, or Indian marble basin. The Bali style is very easy to achieve for a reasonable cost as we are supplying wholesale prices for Bali stone sinks, and Bali stone basins, as well as Bali wholesale rustic recycled teak furniture. Have a look on our website under New Product to see our latest range of Bali stone sinks, and Bali granite bathroom basins, as well as our Bali recycled teak vanities in natural teak, whitewashed teak, blue washed teak and other finishes. We ship Australia wide so if you are looking for Bali bathroom vanity, Sydney, Bali stone sink Sydney, Bali stone sink Melbourne, Bali bathroom vanity Melbourne we can easily ship cheaply to you. For clients in Brisbane Bali recycled teak vanity and Bali stone sinks Brisbane we are very close, and Gold Coast lifestyle calls for Bali bathroom vanity set, Bali stone sinks on the Gold Coast are made for Queensland lifestyle.

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