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Commissions Taken

We are increasingly being requested by clients for items which they cannot source, from single items of Indian furniture or Java furniture, to large projects involving complete home restyling and home renovations. We are finding that half our containers are filled with items which have been forward ordered by clients looking for that specific piece which could take months, if not years, to find in the marketplace. For example, we have become very adept at designing bathrooms in a tropical Bali style, adapting our current stock lines to suit the size requirements, adjusting heights, widths, depths, drawer placements on vanities, mirror sizings, colours, natural or whitewashed, flat white (popular at the moment) shelving with that touch of carving to make it unique..etc etc. ..and that's only the bathroom. In the bedroom we are making stunning carved bed heads from Indonesia, and tribal rustic styled bed boards from India, each one unique in its own way. We stain them or paint them to the requirements of the customer. We are just about to land a 2metres x 2metres tribal carving bed head from India for a client for their new home. They had seen a similar piece in an Indian magazine and were able to save themselves, not only years of looking, but a lot of money as well, as we can design, manufacture, finish, ship and supply within a few months at trade prices which eliminate a lot of middle man price building.

Another huge demand, which we fill, is the old Indian doors and the Java teak doors for main entrances and garden gates. Some people will be looking for Bali doors, as they have seen the style, but our role depends upon what the end use of the product is. So we can advise clients the best way to go in adapting old doorways or newly made doorways from recycled materials, for their home restoration or landscape gardening finishing touches. Our old Indian doors are used as garden gates to add that rustic style to a project whereas we are making Bali doors in Java from seasoned teak and recycled old teak..add a bit of colour or whitewash and the mood is created either indoors or outdoors in patios and verandahs. We are creating standard indoor Bali style doors and doorways for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms etc. If you look on our site under architectural pieces you will see many examples.

Indian old door sideboards and Bali old teak sideboards for living rooms, and kitchens, bedroom dressers, consoles for hallways, cabinets and wardrobes, can all be made to specific sizes and colour requirements. We are just supplying a client with a 260 cms long hand painted Rajasthani sideboard, which we modelled on one of our smaller pieces which she liked. Check out our Shikara Design Facebook page and our Shikara Design Instagram page as well, to see many pictures of commissioned work.

Another huge string in our bow is the amount of experience we have in helping restaurants, retail shops, yoga schools, day spas, meditation centres, retreat centres etc. to achieve that unique look, and at the same time create a feel conducive to relaxation. From our exquisite range of Afghan tribal rugs and Persian carpets, to huge architectural pieces like the Indian doorways and arches, hand carved wooden strips to embellish, and hand crafted windows, mirrors etc... to the final touch mystical side of things with hand carved stone and beautiful brass statues, engraved Punjabi pots, Indian brass lead lighting etc. Our warehouse and website is a great big pool of ideas and styles from which to materialise your vision, and create your dream home, retail store, yoga centre, spa or restaurant. Please contact us now to see how we could help you. For local and international clients, we have successfully created many shipping container loads of complete home and restoration needs for restaurants,shops,spas and yoga centres etc so feel free to contact us for quotes, by email or phone 61 2 66855588..or email