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Day Beds

Day beds are in demand these days more than ever before, as they present a new style of relaxation furniture to give the user a total freedom lifestyle. Like the hammock, the daybed is symbolic of tropical and sub-tropical lifestyle, along with verandah living, afternoon siestas, barbeque gatherings and even overnight guest spare bed. Many a visitor has chosen to sleep under a mosquito net in the Byron Bay moonlight on a warm summer night on my verandah, and my day bed is always handy for the odd visitor who has had one wine too many and chooses to drive home in the morning. The day bed is easily adaptable as an outdoor office by placing a low table on the mattress and using my laptop to work on the website etc. It also doubles in the same way as an outdoor dining situation as we have a large daybed which can seat four persons sitting on cushions cross legged at a low coffee table placed in the middle. We learnt this while we were on the Lombok islands and many beachfront restaurants were using day beds as dining settings for two or four people in this manner. It allows for an extremely relaxed meal as one may lean back onto the rolled arm in between courses. The day bed also fits beautifully inside the house with a large long coffee table (which may be used by adding it onto the front of the daybed as a king size spare bed - just add mattress). In traditional Javanese homes day beds are created as large area seating and many are created with the seat as storage. Some of our day beds have drawers under the seat area which are handy for storing needed items, for instance mine has mosquito repellents, spare glasses etc. Our day beds are a wide range of different styles to suit most homes and most budgets; they are made from mostly recycled teak, salvaged from old fishing boats, railways, demolished buildings, disused old ox carts etc and are finished in natural erosion, white wash, dark wash or any other colour wash you would fancy. We have a very reasonable freight company who do backloads so we can offer great prices on day beds and can quote a price delivered to your door.