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Export India And Indonesia

Shikara and Kasbah DirectorsBYRON STORE NOW CLOSED..all enquiries to our email - Greetings and Namaste..from directors of the Kasbah/Shikara Design team, Mohan Govindasamy and Julian Millane.

Together we have 80 years experience and an extensive network in India. Our offices based in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan takes care of customer needs ex INDIA.
This includes export, consolidation, design, manufacturing and co-ordination of clients needs. If you are interested in creating an Indian style dream home, restaurant, day spa or meditation centre we have the right people and a wealth of experience to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

India can be both fascinating and unfathomable... clear and vague. It is a labyrinth of contradictions all at once. Yet if you can make it through the myriads of obstacles you will get the best out of her. Clients have contacted us to help them realise their ideas from small bathroom vanities to huge bedroom settings, arch ways, doorways, king size maharani beds, kitchens, day beds, jula swings, statues, brass additions, urli bowls and Punjabi pots etc.

This is where we come in with our local knowledge combined with our experiences in the West. From our huge warehouse and showroom in Byron Bay we are supplying retailers, shop fitters, interior designers and architects throughout Australia.

We have also had huge experience retailing here at various locations from Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sunshine and Gold Coast and  Brisbane.
We are able to combine the knowledge and experience from ground up to the coal face to ensure the smooth delivery of goods and services. We do all the running around for you, and you can rest assured that when you order a horse, a donkey is not delivered. We guarantee you results and make certain that you are AWARE of all obstacles. We want to ensure that you have minimum effort for maximum gain.

We have a long list of clients that can confirm our delivery process and their satisfaction in our dealings .We can co-ordinate your needs through all the methods of communications to ensure speedy results. We can design, manufacture and export. We can consolidate items if they are not from one supplier.
We can out-source to ensure the larger orders are completed in time.
Everything that is necessary to ensure your success is not spared. Your excellent result is our guarantee for future business as well as our peace of mind. In this day and age when service and guarantees are like a Swiss cheese, we can assure you it is rock solid with Ex India. We have the runs on the board.

If you are at all interested in dealing with India, either culturally, shopping or business, it is in your interest to find out what we can do. All enquires are treated with the strictest of confidentiality.
Hope you will do just that and have a wonderful Indian experience. 

We are equally at home these days in Indonesia, having designed dozens of new lines to expand the range we can offer our clients, from Balinese style hand carved doorways, sideboards, bathroom vanities and mirrors. All our Indonesian pieces are made from fully recycled legal hard woods and are therefore ecologically correct, and we not only support, but encourage sustainable industry in that country.

Please have a view of our internet site for some ideas and there is so much more. Kindly write if we can be of service.

Thanking you.

Mohan Govindasamy,
Julian Millane.