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Flatweave Rugs

Afghan Kelims are a wonderful way to introduce oriental art into your living space. They were originally used as scatter rugs.

Nomadic people use them on their travels and every family had countless of these to throw on the desert sand or near an oasis.

They would sleep on them, eat on them and shake off the sand and pack when finished.

When the original hippies travelled through the old silk route from Kathmandu to London they would always come home

with a few of these and many would probably still have some of them. They have light breezy colors and of course the traditional rich

reds still dominate many of them.

They can be used also to separate rooms in your teepees, tents and yurts . They can be in your caravan, patio or verandah.

Beach side or country house, they can add vibrancy and colour. They are light enough to shake off and hang on your clothes

lines, balcony or railings. 

These days they come in delightful vegetable dyes as well. The Chobi range from Andhoki has some delightful colours to

choose from. Designs are  generally tribal that bear  familiarity to an Aztec look. No connection there as these designs were

used long before the Aztec empire came to be and then departed. 

Currently in our Byron Bay show room we have an extensive range of stunning Afghan kilims and flatweaves: Chobis (vegetable dyes), Gulmoris ( alkaline dyes) and

Maimana (alkaline dyes) which would be a beautiful addition to your home. 

They are light enough to be used in any part of the house from wet to dry areas.

You simply cannot go wrong with one of these delightful pieces which someday you will hand down to your children filled with all

the stories that your rug has lived through being in your midst.

Do visit us at our web site store, Byron show room or view some on our Facebook page.

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