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Ggrrrrreeeeeetings And Shalutations!

Wow..we have just finished our third big sale at the new Byron showroom since it opened, and it was again a huge success. The weather has been pretty cold this year so our Tribal Rugs sales have attracted large crowds and many happy customers... and so many very delighted to meet and greet with the Maharaja of Jambange in his deepest Purple presence. I once said he has a great face for radio and anyone stepping into the new Byron warehouse will confirm that he is a sight to behold on a quiet morning ... purple tie-dyed turban wrapped around his head... .deep purple pantaloons topped with a purple kurta,..and his curly toed sandals.."Jambi work boots" he calls them... and the piece de resistance - the purple varnished big toenails –' just to remind him of his feminine side.'

Daily, before the doors are opened all the mantras are played, bells rung and pujas performed on every deity in the store, and even the giant Buddhas out front get their incense offering of gratitude and service. "We are truly grateful for every success and accepting of every failure..each is taken with the same equanimity," is the maharaja's motto, and with that attitude, it is always fun to share a sale with him.

Each customer is welcomed with a "Ggrrrrreeeeeetings and shalutations.." and is immediately transported to a world far removed from the one which they have just left as Mohan guides them through his selection of magic carpets, hand spun, hand dyed from vegetable matter, hand woven by masters using techniques handed down from masters who went before... .names like Khal Mohammed, Imperial Kazak, Balouch to name a few... and then the stories of magnificent silk highlighted Nains and Tabriz, based on the marble inlaid floors of the mighty mosques of Persia... wow this isn't a sale's an education..and all the while there is banter and laughter... what a fun ten days..and on occasions we were blessed with visits from world reknowned Jambange water tank artist, Ken Johnson..and on the last day a surprise cameo appearance by the great Scot, Douglas MacDonald who himself has enough stories to write several books...

To add to the colour of this sale the Byron Writer's festival was on just around the corner ... .so we put up our signs and those that were attracted found it hard to leave and go back to the festival as we were having so much fun in the store... Thanks to everyone who came to our sales... .many went home with a lifelong treasure to keep in the family for generations... we are grateful for your support... please register on our website for the newsletters which will give our supporters first notification of new arrivals and specials... Julian and Mohan and the Shikara/Kasbah team.


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