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Global Style Decor

Today we have a global approach to the way we live, adapting from all kinds of decor sources to create a unique sense of style. Through the use of carefully selected eclectic items and furniture one can integrate both modern furnishings and rustic items to create an island style home. Rustic furniture, whitewashed, stressed timbers, old iron handles and bits, hand carved Balinese timber trims, unique Indian wall sconces, old Indian doors and  mirrors are all ways to bring the eclectic mix to an overall feel of relaxed living. We have a focus on sourcing and importing all kinds of rustic furniture and one off pieces to add a uniqueness to our clients' projects. Interior Designers and Shoplifters are using us more and more as a supplier of unique and unusual objects to create "the look", sometimes more shabby than chic but nevertheless, even in modern shopping centres, we humans love the feeling of ancient culture, a kind of reflection of where we have come from as a race. Old Indian door frames and Balinese gates can be the transition from outside to inside, and through careful positioning can be the focal point for a rustic style of decor which takes the visitor's eye from the moment they arrive. From that point, simple and selective creativity, using old whitewashed sideboards, well placed mirrors, draped sari cloths or curtains, a one off marble Buddha or lava stone Ganesh statue....and we have a relaxed and pleasing vista which is, at the same time rich in feel, and simple in application. We are finding a tendency towards off white jute rugs to blend in with the island style nature of many of our Balinese day beds, sofas, whitewashed and stressed teak sideboards and vanities. Long consoles with minimal hand carving are wonderful receptacles for vases and objects of beauty.

Bathrooms have also become more and more influenced by the tropical island style, with many people in this country opting for the Balinese style outdoor shower or semi-outdoor bathroom, where old recycled teak vanities and mirrors come into their fore. Petrified wood sinks and river stone basins create an impact even on the simplest of bathroom vanities. Indoors or outdoors, our modern decor is having more and more of an island style and rustic style..eclectic and ethnic, salvaged and recycled, both in concept and in materials, to create a global style only restricted by the imagination of the decorator.