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Home Restoration

With the New Year, both Western and Eastern, under way it is a great time to think about restoration and renovation of the home, restaurant or office. We are constantly being engaged to source and supply items for restoration to private homebuyers, as well as busnesses. We recently supplied a container load of furniture to a huge apartment project in Canberra, who was looking for our rustic style furniture, Indian furniture, Bali furniture. They bought king size Bali style beds as well as Indian sideboards, Indian wardrobes, Indian vanities, Java old teak vanities, Balinese wardrobes, old teak coffee tables, and Indian bedside tables. Another project just completed is a bar in Byron bay who bought old Indian restoration doors from us as well as Java old teak furniture and old Java lamps, stainglass lamps, Indian brass statues, old iron pots, rustic furniture and furnishing. Tribal rugs from Afghanistan and a few Persian carpets comlemented and completed the rustic style renovation they were looking for. We are constantly sourcing old rustic and recycled furniture from India. Our old Indian doors and old Indian doorways are in constant demand and we are shipping them worldwide, as well as our old teak Java doors which most people regard as old teak Bali doors and windows. These are made from fully recycled old teak salvaged from old boats and carts, demolished buildings etc. So for an easy way to restore or renovate your old living space into a completely different feel in 2014, we recommend you get onto the Shikara Design website and look through our vast range of house restoration and home renovation ideas. Items like old Indian doors, Bali teak doorways, Old teak furniture, Indian buffets and sideboards, Indian dining tables and chairs, Balinese wardrobes,Bali teak furniture, salvaged timber furniture, Indian carving strips, Java timber carving strips, Indian brass handles, Indian old door furniture, Indian rustic furniture, Indian Brass statues, Afghan tribal rugs, Persian carpets, Afghani kilims, Baluch prayer rugs, Afghani saddle bags, brass handles, Indian ceramic knobs, Indian glass knobs and handles, Indian stone statues, Bali garden statues.. and much much more. It takes so little to make a huge change for a fresh beginning for the new year..have fun!

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