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Kilim is a Turkish word for a flatwoven or non-pile rug, and have been handcrafted by tribal peoples all over the Middle East, weaving highly colourful and intricate patterns in exotic colours. Kurds, Turkomeni gypsies, Uzbeks and other gypsy tribal peoples have adapted their lifestyles to create exotic rugs which will stand the test of time, and the changeing modes in interior design, to provide an inexpensive feature piece to floor, wall or sofa.Our range consists of Afghan Uzbek Kilims, also known as gilim or keelim. Other Afghan kilims in our range are vegetable dyed kilims known as Chobi kilims. Uzbek kilims and Afghani keelims are flatwoven rugs or flatweaves,( handweave), vegetable-dyed kilims, vege-dyed keelims, mostly crafted by the Uzbek nomads settled around the Maimana region of northern Afghanisthan. These tribal rugs are also known as Maimana kilims, tribal kilim, tribal keelim, tribal gilim. Afghani rugs, Afghani flatwoven rugs or Afghani flatweaves are other names for Aghan vegetable dyed keelims. There are also many kilims made in the regions of Iran known as Persian village rug, Iranian kilim, Iranian village rug, and then in Turkey, the Turkish keelim, Turkish kilims. These all vary in appearance, and weight with many variations in the knotting.Oriental kilims and all types of  Middle eastern flatweaves are generally called hand knotted kilim in the large selection of hand-knotted rugs. Vegetable dyeing is largely dependent upon the regional vegetation and has a huge influence on colouring of our vege-dyed kilims. Some modern kilims have been created with colours supplemented by modern dyes.Also available in our large range of kilims are kilim cushions, kilim saddle bags, kilim pillows from Afghanistan. Afghani tent bands, tent runners etc. Many kilims are light enough to make kilim table cloths or kilim picnic blanket..there is no end of uses for our Afghan kilim range.

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