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Old Indian Doors And Columns

We never tire of the old Indian architectural pieces which we discover in our travels and search over that amazing continent...always looking for a unique stand out piece which ma have been salvaged from an earthquake in Gujarat or simply knocked out of an old shop in western Rajasthan to be replaced by a more practical roller door. I recently became lost in the hills around Pushkar and was pleasantly surprised to see so many of the old shops still using their original old Indian doors. Otherwise, we are finding old pieces and having them restored in our workshops, and the workmanship is so good the repairs are authentic and undetectable by the untrained eye. they have ways of replicating carving and paint finishes on both door frames and old indian columns and arches. We have been creating  "old " arches using salvaged timbers and the effect which this brings in a unique interior design opportunity. To have, for example, a custom made hand carved and hand crafted Indian triple archway as a feature piece in a living area or bedroom is such a boon and really brings the feeling of "my home" to any house. Also for shopfitters and interior architects working on a retail shop or restaurant, we can bring a unique flavour with one of our old Indian doors, Indian columns or carved Mehrab archways.

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