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Old Indian Doors And Indian Columns

We are increasingly being asked the question by shop fitters and retail companies, interior architects and designers - "Do you have any interesting old Indian doors or old Indian pillars?"..These old Indian architectural pieces, along with archways and salvaged old windows, are a wonderful resource to create, in a retail situation, a sense of the old and authentic. The atmosphere created in these retail environments, using  old salvaged antiquities, makes a wonderful background for clothing companies such as Spell and Camilla etc, to market their colourful garments in the realm of very sensual shop fitting, which allows their clients to marvel at their range of Eastern clothing in an Eastern bazaar like atmosphere. The mood of the old marketplace is enhanced by the addition of genuine and authentic old shop fittings, and with the addition of the right music, it is hard not to be seduced by the ambience. We urge you to check out our boutique showroom in Byron Bay Industrial estate, or any of the Spell or Camilla stores around the country to see this in evidence....retail shops in the middle of a modern shopping centre which transmit you to an eastern marketplace the moment you walk in the door. We are constantly adding to our range of Old Indian architectural pieces, old doors, and old Indian if you want to create a point of difference either in your home, retail store or restaurant, drop in, give us a call or check us out online.