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Recycled And Old Indian Doors.....

There has been a desire for many property owners to give a face lift for their new home by adding an Old exotic

Indian or Balinese style doorway. These range from the simple almost Zen like variations from Indonesia and China

to the more exotic, intricate and palace like Indian or Punjabi style ones.

Here at Shikara Design we have imported almost every variation, style and size over the last 20 years we have been in 


Early on we use to get some really superb pieces which we rich in it's designs and style and extremely heavy.

In the past few years these pieces have been rarer to obtain due to the huge demand world wide for such pieces.

Still we manage to get one or two pieces in a container which we ship from India. These doors can make a lovely addition

to your poolside gateway, garden pathways or outside extensions. They are made to take the weather and with a little

additional work of a primer coating will prolong it's lifetime pass the average person.

Generally these doors from the Indian sub continent is made from Himalayan Sheesham similar in density to Australian

Ironbark. Very heavy and solid and capable of withstanding all weather. They cannot be purchased new as this species

is currently not harvested. Indonesian Teak is also reliable although the best is the recycled variety as the new ones

may be harvested far to early to give it the density required to withstand the harsh weather it may be up against.

In Shikara Design we have both the Indonesian lightly carved and using recycled Teak and Old Sheesham pieces. We also

have old Gujurati doors only without frames. These are also made from Old sheesham but it does not have frames as they

could not be retrieved when salvaged. They are very solid and dependable as gateways in your gardens and back entrances.

They usually all have paint on them as they did not have the services of BUNNINGS to get the needful to do the dutiful on them.

So they could have many layers of paint and as they age they peel off and show their battle scars. This distressed look has become

very fashionable and some of the pictures sent from clients show them off in wonderful and apt locations. They are also remarkably

modestly priced for a set of doors considering what MDF rubbish and their like is sold for in regular shops.

So they work on all points from price to look and should be given consideration if your budgets are tight.

Shikara Design also stock huge Haveli doors which resemble the types you find in the great European noble houses.

Havelis are similar to the Chateaus you find  with multiple rooms and large areas with an internal courtyard. They are found mainly

in the state of Rajasthan , India also known as the Princely state. These doors have huge entrances and high roofs.

So their doors do have a magnificent appearance and their size very imposing. They generally have huge carved pillars and

columns to add to their content. Brass and iron work often cover their frontages as they add to their solidity as well as give a 

grand impression. Some of these have huge brass points to keep the horses and elephants out in the age of pillaging.

Some of these doors have lovely Mehrab work on them following on from the Moghuls rule. The same design can be seen on the

Taj Mahal with the curved archways and scallop work. This is now considered as part of the Indian architecture .

Also at Shikara Design you will find arches which you can include both internally and externally to give you a sense of wonderment.

All of these doors, arches and carved panels which we have can be used in almost all of the design plans you have.

Sizes if they pose an issue can be readily solved if you provide us with timelines, we can have them modified to suit your needs.

All in all we at Shikara Design take great joy and bliss to be able to be a part of your dream home.

Please take time to view some of the wonderful work our clients have been able to achieve on our Facebook site.

Whilst there add a LIKE and you will always be able to keep up with the arrivals and departures at Shikara Design.

Thank you for using us and we look forward to serving you and bringing BLISS to both of us and a sense of accomplishment.


Mohan and Julian