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The Global Way We Live

It occurred to us that we are all living much more in a global way. Our ideas are constantly being exchanged through social media internet connections as well as through the instant supply of news through television, Twitter and magazines, journals and even blogs such as this one. So we are developing a global style in our interior design and home decorating and renovating, constantly on the lookout for that one piece which will add a point of difference to make our house our unique home. We want our visitors to be in awe of the way we live, and our homes to reflect our lifestyle, even if our lifestyle is not the global traveller of our dreams...who can afford to be constantly travelling?

This is where we come in..we have sources in places few people go in their lifetime, and we have workshops which can create the pieces of your dreams. On a daily basis we are quoting clients on individual one off items which they would like to add to their decor, or larger architectural pieces to drive their new home renovation. In some ways it is easier and cheaper to change the appearance of your current house, than to sell out and buy a new one..and you get the home of your dreams that way too. A global design style may incorporate various aspects of different cultures and still be very viable in the context of interior designing. An old Indian doorway and doors leading into a house with a Balinese style bathroom, Moroccan lamps, African masks, stone carved or brass statues , rustic furniture combined with modern sofas, armchairs, old Balouchi donkey bags as cushions, Persian carpets, Afghan kilims and tribal rugs on the floor. This is what we define as the Global Style of home decorating, and it doesn't stop at can easily be used in retail stores, restaurants, galleries etc..the world is shrinking, cultures are merging beautifully: and we are loving being part of your journey in making your living space one which reflects today's global lifestyle.