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Tribal Rugs Clearance Sale 2015

As winter sets in to Australia we are happy to be having our annual Tribal Rugs and Persian carpets clearance sale of newly arrived rugs and carpets, as well as older rugs which we are clearing at unbelievable prices. From small entrance mats to huge room size 12 square metre tribal rugs, short and long hall runners we have a total of about three thousand Persian rugs and Afghan tribal rugs, all of them at affordable prices. Two metres by one metre Uzbek kilims have been selling at $99 each which is a lot of floor space, exotic colour and designs for that price. Our best selling Turkoman Acqcha hard wearing tribal rugs are a fantastic means of acquiring a heavy hand woven all wool pile rug for under $700 for a 6 square metres room size rug. These are equally at home under a dining table or as a living room centre piece. Other rugs which fill the same roles beautifully are our Imperial Kazaks which are fully vegetable dyed, hand woven rugs from Kazakstan and these Kazak rugs will blend to just about every interior design and decor situation. They are a great rug for those wanting a lighter rug yet still a tribal rug with their Caucasian influence of colours and hexagons and polygons. If you check out the Tribal Rugs page on our website you will see many beautiful examples. Another lighter coloured Afghani rug option is the Chobi, all vegetable dyed and hand crafted from local Afghan Gazni hand spun wool, these rugs are tribal rugs replicating the beautiful floral patterns of the classic Persian carpets of yore at a fraction of the price. 

Classic reds, indigo blues and rusts abound in our range of Afghan Konyas, Khal Mohammedi, and Kargahi, which we have in room size, as well as a huge range of all wool tribal hall runners up to 6 metres long. These are basically Turkmen tribal rugs in various degrees, with influences coming from the Uzbeks and the Kazaks, the feature being the fineness of the weaving, the vegetable dyeing processes, and the hand spinning of the wool, giving them a feel of "silkience" not found in the lesser fine quality rugs. 

As a range of reasonably priced rugs one cannot go past our hand woven Turkoman rugs - they are hard wearing and attractive, mostly in the classic reds with both 'elephant footprint" patterns and the smaller shield "camel footprint" pattern. These patterns are also found commonly in our large range of Jaldar Bokara all wool rugs which are hand woven in Pakistan and come in a wide range of exquisite colours, all at a very reasonable price. These Pakistani Bokara rugs offer a large variety of colour choices, from small bedside runners, long hall runners and huge room size rugs for dining and living areas.

A great example of our old Persian rugs sale is a Heriz 3.20 x 2m which has possible perceived flaws but would normally retail for thousands, and we are clearing it for $799. The thing with old and antique rugs is that they feel like they have already had a life and that is what makes them so interesting. We have a large stack of larger rugs, each rug being under the thousand dollar mark on our sale...some old some new, some seemingly perfect and others imperfect...most of our clients who purchase such rugs and carpets love the history of these pieces. 

So, if you are feeling the chill of winter look us up to find the rug to warm your home and your life.