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Tribal Rugs, Kilims Saddle Bags Clearance

It has arrived, that time of year when we bring out the dressing gown and the slippers as the first chills of winter begin to close in. We have so many great tribal rugs of all varieties that we have decided to liquidate some of our stock. Luxurious thick Persian village rugs, Nain, Hamadan, Shiraz, Bhaktiari, selling for a fraction of the normal retail cost. Afghan tribal rugs, such as, Turkoman Aqchqa,Khal Mohammedi, Kazak, Karghai vegetable dye, from small entry rugs to huge 12 square metre living room rugs...check out our website for specials. We are clearing at the moment, a huge range of Afghan kilims, Galmori kilims, with their bold distinctive patterns, resonating colours for diverse decorative effect, and known especially for their affordability. Flat woven tribal kilims have been renowned world wide for centuries as rugs which provide great value for the money, in as much as you get large areas covered beautifully for a comparatively small outlay. Strong primary and secondary colours give these rugs a special place in global decor in the past fifty or more years, as the West has awoken to the rustic appeal of these humble kilim rugs. Tied in with other tribal pieces we stock, such as Balouch camel bags, donkey saddle bags and large Balouch harem pillows, the Afghan kilim is a no brainer for a place in the current boho, and boho-chiclook which is flooding the social media world. Other kilims we carry are an exquisite Chobi kilim, which comes from the villages in the more remote western regions of Afghanistan. Wool for these kilims is sourced locally from the hardy mountain sheep of the Ghazni ranges, and then hand spun in the villages, vegetable dyes brewed from locally sourced organic materials such as turmeric, madder root, indigo, apricots, berries, leaves etc, as well as some minerals which are crushed to create dyes. These Chobi kilims have a softer appeal generally than the Galmoris, with straw based colours and soft vegetal tones.

There was never a better time to purchase an Afghan Tribal rug, or a Persian village rug, from our huge collection.