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Welcome To Our Brand New Website!


Greetings and Salutations and welcome to our brand new website. We have upgraded to a brighter, more exciting and colourful format to help bring our unique products to the world and we hope to bring you more and more in touch with the beautiful people who provide us with our exquisite items. We hope that you will give us feedback and help us to fine tune our market to your needs, both at a wholesale and retail level. The world is changing so rapidly and staying in touch with the needs of our customers is our number one priority.



HRH the Maharaja of Jambange will be constantly monitoring the site to keep you up to date with movements within our organisation, whether it is an upcoming tour to India or the pending arrival of a container full of goodies from Java, India or Pakistan. This forum will also be useful for discussions re specific needs you may have for a client if you are a designer or decorator: and of course we are available to assist you in your individual design needs as we are able to custom make a large number of items both in India and Java. On top of that we have people on the ground there, who can source the most unusual and elusive of items.

 We have successfully aided in the design and décor of many stores, restaurants and bars around the globe from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Christchurch NZ to Tripoli in Libya as well as having successfully exported individual pieces to the UK and the USA. 

So please make use of this blog for informal discussions…I'm sure it will vary depending upon the mood of the day and where we are in the world. One day maybe fully business mode and the next esoteric, but we promise you one thing….it will never be boring….we welcome your input go for it… a big thanks to Tim and Weblife Byron Bay for putting together our beautiful site..

Talk soon ..Julian and Mohan...

ps..don't forget to visit to see the wonderful work going on there thanks to the contributions of our customers, both by supporting our business and by direct donation to the Jambange program.


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