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Wholesale Bali Daybeds

We are manufacturers and exporters from Java and Bali of good quality low priced recycled timber daybeds, lounges, sofas, canopy beds and beds.

All timbers used in our Bali style daybeds and beds come from Javanese recycled woods, salvaged from old fishing boats, demolished buildings, railway carriages, disused railway sleepers, ox carts etc. Timbers include, Teak, Ironwood, Binkray, Mango wood, Jak fruit tree and other Champur woods.

Utilizing old recycled lumbers gives a lasting rustic finish, which has a stunning yet delicate impact in many aspects of interior and exterior design. Most of our Bali style daybeds are perfect for covered al fresco living situations as in the lifestyle of Java and Bali.  The natural timber tones are so satisfying to the eye, and the eroded texture of the timber so appealing to the touch. Many of our day beds are also finished with white wash for a lighter beach side look.

We have workshops in central Java where we are continuously working on new and innovative daybed designs manufactured in the time-honoured methods. Some pieces are restored antiques, and most are based on traditional designs from Bali to Madura.

Our range of Bali daybeds includes large rolled arm party beds up to three metres in length and two metres deep. Roll arm Bali day beds also come in two metres by one metre size and scale down in size to beautiful three seater and two seater sofas - and single seater roll arm sofas. We also have in our range, daybeds made from old Java bed heads, which give a classic look, as well as turned timber backed daybeds with carving in the style of the old Madura daybed seen on the colonial Dutch verandahs of the past.

Other popular Bali day bed styles include our hand carved bamboo style made from recycled teak, as well as our Sun feature daybed with intricately carved rising sun on the back.

Another new innovative Bali day bed style is the Elephant day bed with hand carved elephants strolling along the backs and even carved elephant trunk arms which give a magnificent effect.

All our wholesale Bali daybeds and sofas are made from recycled teak, beautifully hand carved and completed in either natural, hand painted or white wash finishes.

All daybeds have beautifully tailor- made mattresses and capok bolsters.

We are happy to accept orders for specific day beds, canopy beds or sofas, large or small made from old timber.

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