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Wholesale Daybeds Usa

We are getting a huge amount of enquiries for wholesale Bali daybeds and Indian day beds from customers in the USA. At time of writing we have successfully shipped several Bali day beds and some Indian daybeds, made from recycled teak and other hardwoods, fully upholstered with quality mattress and bolster cushions in the colour of their choosing. Hardwood daybeds and teak day beds are becoming increasingly popular as our lifestyle choices move us outdoors. We can supply many of our featured day beds in knock down form, easy to assemble, inexpensive to ship anywhere in the world including the USA. So, if you are looking for Indian daybeds, Java daybeds, Bali daybeds, Teak daybeds, wholesale daybeds, hardwood daybeds or any style of timber bed or timber daybed...we can quote you a wholesale price including packing, crating and delivery to the nearest port. We have on the ground in USA and other countries, customs agents who can organise customs clearance and on- forwarding to your porch or living room. So contact us today for a quote on any Bali day bed on our site and we will get back to you within a day or two.

 Please note that we provide this service direct from our manufacturing base in Java, and so the quoted price for supply will be way below the listed retail price on our site. For Indian day beds listed on our site, it is mostly applicable for those clients who are wholesale customers as the shipping of one-off items out of India is impractical due to Indian export laws which tax one item at the same rate as a for wholesale Indian daybeds, and Indian furniture it is cost efficient by container loads. However the export of single Java daybeds has proven very successful and we have many happy clients in the United States. UK contact us now


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