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Wholesale Tribal Rugs

We are importers and wholesalers of Afghan tribal rugs and have just landed a new shipment of Afghani tribal rugs, kilims, camel bags, donkey bags, harem pillows, keelims, vegetable dyed tribal rugs, cushions, tribal cushions, tent hangers,Tribal rug hall runners, Afghan tribal wall hangings, Balouch prayer rugs, Afghan prayer rug, Indian rugs, Pakistani rugs. Room size hand made tribal rugs, Baluchi Prayer Rugs and Bags, Prayer rugs, camel bags, elephant bags and donkey bags from the  Baluch and other nomad tribes of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan & Pakistan are handmade. These richly coloured wool rugs are part of tribal heritage and are readily traded as the nomads move around.. Central Asian rugs are a unique piece of folk art, each one different to the next.  Each rug or textile bag using the tribal motif of the village is unique some are older and more worn than others.

 We have a huge range from Khal Mohammed, a very innovative rug producer from Northern Afghanistan. He is an Ersari Turkmen and a master dyer as well. The Khal Mohammadi rug generally is relatively short pile, expertly finished, and very attractive. Working with vegetable dyes Khal Mohammed has created attractive Afghan rugs with highest quality handspun wool and beautiful natural colours. These rug will stand up to years of heavy use.

We have lots of Chobi rugs These vegetable dyed carpets appeared in the late 1990's, as Afghanis have began weaving a new type of carpet, using vegetable dyes on hand-spun wool. These carpets usually have golden or wheat coloured fields, though some pieces utilize other colours in the fields. They are generally based on antique patterns from Persian carpets. They have become known in the trade as "Chobi" (translates "wood"). Afghan weavers  use the fine  wool from the Ghazni mountain range west of Kabul.

Ersari or Ensari rugs are finest quality rugs emanating from the Hindu Kush region. It has a long history of carpet making with traditional designs using Tekke shields and Ersari guls.  Natural vegetable dyes produce soft luminous shades and hand spinning the wool creates a beautiful sheen in a variety of vibrant warm colours. Our ERSARI rugs are all fine quality pieces from Afghanistan made with hand spun wool and natural dyes…retaining much of the natural lanolin in the carpet.

Chobi and Uzbek kilims, all vegetable dye- From the border regional province of Andhoki these sensational kilims are all fully vegetable dyed and made from locally produced wool. They feature exquisite traditional Caucasian motifs and guls, dating back centuries to the times when Ghengis Khan was riding his Jambi mountain pony through the Afghan passes to the Hindu Kush.

Whether you are a wholesale customer or retail client we can supply Tribal Rugs Direct from Importer to check out the range on our site under Tribal rugs and Persian Carpets