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Doors and Gates

Java Teak Doorway Balinese Gates

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our price   $2595.00

Dimensions: 224h x 143w cm
Code: JAVAUG1712E
Exquisitely hand carved and hand finished in a natural timber look, this doorway and doors will create a stunning ambience to any entrance, be it a private home, a restaurant, or an office or retail space looking for that certain eclectic style. For those looking for the typical Bali gates which fit our house sizes, this is it. We ship Australia wide at reduced rates SALE PRICE IS PER EACH AND EX STORE


These Java teak doorways create an immediate impact in that Balinese style of architecture, but can also be slotted into modern design situations as that one off piece which gives the point of difference. Where many Balinese and Indian doorways are way too high for our modern homes, we have designed these doors to fit under our Australian ceiling heights without too many headaches for the architects and builders, as most homes have 2.40 metres ceiling these doors can be framed straight in. Call or enquire now for a great delivery rate direct to your site.

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