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Khal Mohammedi/Konya

Khal Mohammad 9m2

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Dimensions: 247x337cm
Code: KM8AGKM352
RUG SALE 2018 SALE PRICE PER EACH AND EX STORE.....LIMITED OFFER HERE ON IN STORE ITEMS.Classic piece and great room size. Ideal for under dining tables, large living areas, bedrooms, rumpus rooms. All hand spun wool and vegetable dyed using extracted colours from plants such as madder root and indigo, onion skin etc...these dyes take months to create and give a tone not found in similar chemically dyed rugs, which is why Khal Mohammedi is seen as the finest producer of tribal rugs in Afghanistan.


     Khal Mohammad is a very innovative rug producer from Northern Afghanistan. He is an Ersari Turkmen and a master dyer as well. The Khal Mohammadi rug is relatively short pile, finely finished, and very attractive...with silkience and depth in the sheen . Working with vegetable dyes Khal Mohammed has created attractive Afghan rugs with highest quality handspun wool and beautiful natural colours. This rug will stand up to years of heavy use...We ship Australia wide and World wide.  

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