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Khargahi 3.m2

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Dimensions: 200X150 cms Approx
Code: KG7AG1202
MARCH RUG SALE 2018 SALE PRICE PER EACH AND EX STORE..SIZE IS APPROXIMATE. THESE ARE GENERIC PICS AND RUGS DIFFER SLIGHTLY BEING A HAND CRAFTED ITEM..CHECK FOR ACTUAL RUG PIC BY ENQUIRING BY PHONE OR EMAIL..LIMITED OFFER HERE ON IN STORE ITEMS.Choice of four Kargahi rugs at roughly same size..Choose from the options box below. These rugs come from the mountain regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Regional influences from their Uzbek and Kazak roots have led these people to create a unique tribal rug using lots of arabesque and geometric patterns and polygons, utilising their locally produced wools and vegetable dyeing processes. At our sale price these rugs are way below even normal wholesale value, so be quick..Please choose from Options box below or call or email us .


locally produced hand spun wools are vegetable dyed using age old processes of brewing natural products such as tumeric, madder root, indigo, berries, apricots, onion skins, leaves, bark and other minerals. Colours are differing shades of green, rust, cream, deep blues, burnt oranges and other earthy tones. 

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