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Baluch Harem Pillow

(RRP: $399)

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our price   $149.00

Dimensions: 100x50cm approx36x18inches
Code: BAL102
These are generic pics so please see other Balouch harem pillow files or email us for pics of our current stocks .WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE AND WORLD WIDE


 Baluch harem pillows and cushions in varying sizes collected in Afghanistan, colourful and vibrant, all wool grown by these nomadic people who wander with their herds across Middle Asia - WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE AND WORLD quick as they wont last at these prices..price is for unfilled is a huge task ti upload every individual harem pillow - this is a sample range.We can send pics of individual pieces if you send us an email with colour and style preference. 

0 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Baluch Harem Pillow 100 x 50 cm Code: Bal 102

    Hi there,
    I am searching for a wholesale supplier of the Baluch harem pillow cases (100x50cm). Can you please tell me if you have a minimum purchase amount for these, and how much it is for a bulk purchase. Also, I need to know if you can supply these ongoing as I will require them as a permanent stock item. Many thanks
    Mel Bates

    By: Mel on | Was this helpful?   (33/30)
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