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Brass Statues

Brass Ganesha 40cm

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Dimensions: 40Hx25W cm
Code: BRS1656
Legends about Ganesha are as many as there are Hindus. The most popular story of his birth is that he was guarding the consort of Shiva, Parvarti, his mother, when shiva wished to enter her bathing area and was turned back. The ensuing battle involving Vishnu and Shiva resulted in the young boy losing his head, which then Shiva was forced to replace with the head of a great Bull elephant.
We can ship this magnificently detailed piece to all parts of the globe.


He has his battle-axe in his right upper hand, the lower right hand is in the mudra of protection, his left lower hand holds his bowl of gulab jamming which he eats to sweeten the earthly planes, and his upper left hand holds a fly whisk. Ganesha is the remover of Obstacles and the patron of the Arts, and the first One worshipped before all other deities in the Indian culture.

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