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Brass Statues

Brass Green Tara 12inch

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Dimensions: 32 H cms
Code: JSBRS603
Green Tara is one of the most important goddesses for followers of Tibetan Buddhism, and lovers of this beautiful Goddess of Compassion. It is said she was born from a tear which fell from the great god Avoliteshwara. She is regarded as the consort of Amogasiddhi, one of the Dhyani Buddhas. In the Tibetan traditions it is said that Tara is found in all good women. We have a few different finishes in this piece, Brass, brass and silver and a two tone brown and brass. Choose from Options box below for your preference. We can send Australia and world wide.


Green Tara is defined by her right leg being slightly akimbo showing her more gentler nature, with her left hand in prithvi mudra, an earth posture and the right, varied mudra bestowing blessings upon all sentient beings as they cross the vast ocean of samsara. It is said that to do puja to tara is to be granted assistance on this long voyage. Green Tara is for the relief of anxiety and bestowing blessings, as she is the goddess of Universal Compassion.

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