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Brass Tara Dipa 4ft

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Dimensions: 1.23high x .39m wide x .33m deep
Code: TD02


lotus goddess -Tara with deepa bowl

The Lotus Goddess existed in India long before the invasion of the Aryans. When the divine life substance is about to put forth the universe, the cosmic waters grow a thousand-petalled lotus of pure gold, as radiant as the sun. This is the womb of the universe, the generative organ of the waters - the female, maternal, procreative aspect of the Absolute. The lotus is personified as the Mother Goddess through whom the Absolute moves into creation: She stands upon a lotus, which is her 'vehicle'.

The lotus expresses the idea that we are all virtually Buddhas, There are several manifestations of The Lotus Goddess in the Eastern traditions.

Here Tara id depicted with the deepa bowl which one may fill with oil or a candle and light for Her special blessings. Also the bowl may be filled with water and flowers floated as offerings to the mother of Compassion.
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