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Brass Statues

Brass Turban Ganesha

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Dimensions: 20hx20w cms
Code: BRS1648
Gorgeous brass Ganesha with turban, eating his gulab jamin to sweeten the world...Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and a favourite deity of millions worldwide...He is the first worshipped before any other. There are thousands of stories relating to his existence and his creation, the most popular being his head being replaced by a warrior elephant after he lost it in a battle with Shiva and Vishnu. His mother Parvarti had insisted on him being restored to full persona, and he ended up being the Lord of the Ganas or guardians..This unique piece with Maharaja's turban can be posted worldwide.


Gorgeous brass Ganesha with turban, eating his gulab jamin to sweeten the world...The most impressive thing is his huge body and abundant posture..his auspiciousness includes abundance, strength, and intellectual prowess. In his right hand he carries the elephant goad to will the world to more enlightened states, his other right hand is in protection mudra..the left hand carries his bowl of sweets and the top left hand holds a conch shell to sound the horn of awakening.

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