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Brass Statues

Brass Vajradara Shakti 25cms

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Dimensions: 25X15X15cms
Code: BRS1805
Classic Tantra pose from Tibetan roots..Vajradhara is a primordial Buddha..he holds the Vajra thunder bolt in his right hand and in the left he holds the bell. His Shakti holds the phurpa to cut the ties of ignorance and the kapala skull cup. Hindus regard Indra as a manifestation of Vajradhara..and Laxmi is His consort. These pieces are extremely difficult to export ex India these days due to restrictions on "disrespectful art" by a fundamentalist Hindu Indian government.


For the Tantrikas out there, an inspirational piece to evoke the meeting of the masculine and the feminine in true love and bliss...this is a centuries old practice in India, where man and woman has been committed to conscious love for milleniums.   WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE

0 out of 5 stars (1)
  • statue

    Hi is the statue made of brass? If not do you have any available? Also can the statue be separated? Thanks

    By: suz on | Was this helpful?   (27/23)
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