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Carving Doors Vanity

(RRP: $1195)

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our price   $699.00

Dimensions: 90wx40dx80h cm
Code: JAVXM15AR11
Exquisitely carved doors are a feature on this vanity..a handy shelf inside, there is ample room between the drawers to fit a waste pipe...made from fully recycled salvaged teak and other hardwoods in Java..old boats, demolished buildings, disused ox carts etc all contribute to the making of these pieces..natural teak traditional island style with the right height to plonk one of our river stone sinks on top...we have one only arriving DEC16..can be shipped to most parts of Australia..special price ex store.


Stunning visual effect with this vanity, combined with granite or marble sink it will create the true Bali island bathroom look. We have lots of white and teak mirrors as well to complete the package.We can ship to most parts of Australia..ARRIVING DECEMBER 2016 in whitewashed 

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