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Chobi and Gabbeh

Chobi 4 M2

(RRP: $2995)

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Dimensions: 233x167 cm
Code: CHKR89
.A beautiful example of a Chobi rug..these rugs were developed in Afghanistan in the late twentieth century as a new style of tribal rug reflecting the traditional arabesque patterns of the old classic Persian carpets...Each one is hand crafted using hand spun vegetable dyed wool sourced from the Ghazni mountain range area west of Kabul. They are hard wearing rugs and have become extremely popular with buyers wanting a lighter style of floor rug over the more common classic red tribals. This rug will give decades of service and is a great buy at this price. WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE AND WORLD WIDE.


The tough mountain sheep of Ghazni produce beautiful fine wool which is handspan by the village women and then dyed with various vegetable dye brews..dipping the wool into the brew on a daily basis for up to three months. This long vegetable dyeing process gives a longer lifetime to the colours and these verge dyed rugs are more likely to resist lightening than their chemical dyed brothers. this rug gives a well worn and "aged" look right from the time it is laid down on the floor.

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