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Chobi and Gabbeh

Chobi 5m2

(RRP: $3500)

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Dimensions: 265x189 cm
Code: CHKR123
Intricate floral patterns woven on a red madder background..this piece is a classic imperial Chobi and will sit in any palace, home, yoga school, church hall or city flat with a sense of timelessness and the feeling that it has always been there and will always be there. Great size and great appeal and at this sale price will not be in our collection long, so be quick. We ship Australia wide and world wide.


Tough mountain sheep of the western provinces of Afghanistan have produced fine strong wool, which is hand spun by the villagers and then painstakingly dyed with vegetable dyes which are brewed as long as three months...the wool being dipped in the dyes daily until the desired colours are acquired. The subtle variations in the wool batches and the use of different batches in the weaving process, gives a wonderful effect of an already aged effect which only occurs in verge dyed rugs. These choice are sensational rugs and extremely popular for those buyers seeking a brighter and lighter look than the classic reds of Turkoman and Tekkie traditions.

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