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Chobi and Gabbeh

Chobi 7.5m2

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Dimensions: 248x303 cm
Code: CH6AG736
One only at this price..Stunning floral diagonal pattern on this hand woven, hand spun vegetable dyed masterpiece from Afghanistan. It would bring alive any large living area and would also serve under a dining table in the dining room. These Chobi rugs were developed in the late nineties using long time traditional Persian carpet weaving techniques and patterns but making as a village or tribal rug in the Afghan provinces. WE SHIP WORLD WIDE AND AUSTRALIA WIDE..BE QUICK.


The strong and wiry mountain sheep of the western mountain ranges around Ghazni provide a fine wool, which is hand spun in the villages and then dyed using age long brewing processes with locally sourced vegetable and earth matter. Madder root, indigo, bark, onion peels, leaves, crushed rocks etc all are used along with salt fixing agents to create a brew, into which the wool is dipped daily over a three month period. The variations in the batches only add to the exquisite and timeless appeal of this rug.

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