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Chobi and Gabbeh

Chobi 9.75m2

(RRP: $7995)

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our price   $4500.00

Code: CHKR110
.A huge room size Chobi rug, ideal for living areas requiring lighter colouring. Hand spun wool is vegetable dyed and hand knotted to create this floral pattern over a chocolate background. The large border adds an even stronger aspect of lightness to this rug.
We have only one like this, and at this sale price, it represents great value for a rug of it's size and excellence. We pack and send world wide and Australia wide.


The hardy mountain sheep west of Ghazni have donated their fine wool which is handspan by the villagers and then painstakingly dipped in vegetable dye brews daily for up to three months to create a resonance and permanence in the colour which is not found in commercially produced dyes. Products used are madder root, indigo, tree bark, leaves, crushed rocks etc..The rugs are hand knotted and hand finished, and are extremely popular in today's marketplace due to their unique appeal as a light coloured, hard wearing hand crafted rug.

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