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Chobi and Gabbeh

Chobi Imperial 7.4m2.

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Dimensions: 295x245 cm
Code: CH4AG727
Subtle tones in this classic Imperial Chobi room size rug, hand woven and hand crafted in the western Gazni mountain region of Afghanistan. Local vegetation and minerals are used to create the vibrant yet understated tones of this rug. Chobi rugs have been created in the last thirty or forty years to replicate classic Persian rugs at a fraction of the price as tribal rugs. This piece will blend beautifully with traditional decor as well as becoming a feature in a more modern environment. We can pack and send to most places globally ..ask us for a quote including pack and send to your door.


The hand spun wool is sourced from the hardy mountain sheep around Gazni..Dyes are made from natural sources including roots, straw, apricots, berries, leaves, mineral deposits etc.

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