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Ersari 6m2

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Dimensions: 207x303cm
Code: ER6AG266
Ersari rugs, with their shields and guls based on long ago traditional Tekke and Persian influences, are some of our finest modern tribal rugs hand crafted in northern Afghanistan from hand spun, vegetable dyed wools. Will enhance any decor situation from traditional homes and modern apartments.


Ersari rugs are finest quality rugs emanating from the region. It has a long history of carpet making with traditional designs using Tekke shields and Ersari guls.  Natural vegetable dyes produce soft luminous shades and hand spinning the wool creates a beautiful sheen in a variety of vibrant warm colours. Our ERSARI rugs are all fine quality pieces from Afghanistan made with hand spun wool and natural dyes�retaining much of the natural lanolin in the carpet.Arrived APRIL 2013. WE SHIP AUSTRALIA WIDE AND WORLD WIDE.

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