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Ganesh Statues

Ganesh Concrete 32cm

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Dimensions: 32hx22wx20d cm
Painted Concrete Ganesha from Java, part of our lower end priced garden statues. Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles and patron saint of the arts in Hindu culture. Also called Ganapati or Vinayaka, He is the son of Parvarti and Shiva. THESE COME IN A VARIETY OF COLOURS PLEASE CHECK WITH US FOR CURRENT STOCK. PRICE IS EX STORE.


There are thousands of stories relating to the origins of Ganesha and how the human boy got his elephant head. the most common tale is that his mother Parvarti was sick of Lord Shiva entering her boudoir when she was bathing, and so she took the essences from her body and created a powerful boy to guard her doorway. When Shiva arrived the boy threw him out and would not let him enter. Shiva could not overcome him so he asked Lord Vishnu for some help and whilst Shiva distracted the powerful guard or Gana, Vishnu threw a razor sharp disc which cut off his head. When Parvarti discovered her son's body missing its head she cursed Shiva until he replaced his head. So Shiva sent out his men looking for a suitable head and came across and wounded warrior elephant. So they removed the elephant's head and brought it to Shiva, who then attached it to the boy's body. He then appointed the boy as Ganesha, head of his ganas, or guards. PRICE EX STORE

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