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Huge Brass Deities Bell 35cm

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our price   $1995.00

Dimensions: 36Hx26Wcm chain100cm
Code: BRS803
This magnificent bell is heavy and has a deep clear loud tonal gong to it . It has beautiful engraved images of the great Indian Lord Ganesha in various statures, encircling the main body of the bell, and elephants as well around the top... the hanging chain is itself very decorative. The bell has been a major part in human existence for many centuries dating back asa far as civilisation can be traced. It is an announcement of arrival, an acknowledgement of respect, an honouring, a call to action or attention. This bell can be packed and shipped anywhere in Australia or the world.


Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, God of the Arts , Literature in that he scribed the great Indian epic, The Mahabharata ...Elephants, which themselves represent strength and purpose, and protection..this bell will sound all these properties with every gong...each ring will be an auspicious moment and bring lifetimes of joy to the owner.

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