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Hall Runners

Imperial Kazakh Runner 2.60 M Long

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Dimensions: 260 x 78
Code: 7AG317
Imperial Kazakh hall runner, superfine quality hand woven vegetable dyed, hand spun wool shimmering lustre...these rugs are modern interpretations of the classic Caucasian rugs of the past, with distinctive guls and polygons in soft vibrant tones. We can pack and send to most parts of Australia and the world at very reasonable rates.


The vegetable dyeing process take months to prepare as dyes are brewed form various local sources of natural colour, such as berries, apricots, madder roots, tumeric, indigo, turquoise, lapis lazuli etc. The vegetable dyes tend to resist lightening for much longer than the commercial chemical dyes used in many rugs from Iran and other parts.

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