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Book Shelves

Java Bookshelf 170h

(RRP: $1995)

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our price   $1100.00

Dimensions: 110wx45dx170h cm
Code: JVAPR1731
ARRIVING APRIL 2017 - Hand crafted from recycled hardwoods including teak and ironwood, binkray and swar, salvaged from old fishing boats, demolished buildings, disused ox carts etc, this isn a handy sized attractive Bali style book shelf which will be very useful in the kitchen and pantry, the living room or office, or even in the bathroom as a towel and product storage. we have another piece coming in the same shipment which is slightly lower. Arriving APRIL 2017..We can pack and send to most parts of Australia.


Attractively hand carved side panels give this Bali bookshelf the tropical style in a rustic furniture piece. 

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